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‘Earlier, my parents used to tell me I am fat all the time. Now, they say that I’m becoming too thin’

After binge eating for years, learning to eat and exercise right.

How I lost weight and got my groove back

How do you deal with life when you have been fat all your life? When no diet works and all the men you like run for the hills, you take it on your double chin.


Being a foodie can actually keep you lean

'Our research found that participants who believed themselves to be 'food addicts' reduced the amount of time they were exposed to unhealthy foods and ate less as a result.'

More women opt for silicon balloon implants to lose weight: Doctors

Experts have said that silicon balloon implants in the stomach are becoming popular among young women.

Weight loss with protein-rich diet linked to better sleep

The study analysed 44 overweight or obese participants who consumed either a normal-protein or a higher-protein weight loss diet.

How I survived the LCHF diet by drinking strawberry cheesecake smoothies and eating lemon cheesecake

How these recipes can carry you through the dark days of an exacting no-sugar, no-carbs regimen.


Diet diary: Losing weight is hard, keeping it off harder

Without a permanent change in unhealthy patterns of eating and living, it is highly unlikely that weight loss will stick.

Cutting out dessert more effective for weight loss in menopausal women

Losing weight can be tricky for post-menopausal women,face a natural decline in energy levels.

Fizzy drinks add pounds,make it harder to shed flab: study

Soft drinks alter the way our muscles burn fuel preferring sugar over fat.

In obesity epidemic,what’s one cookie?

The basic formula for gaining and losing weight is well known: a pound of fat equals 3,500 calories....

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10 things in your kitchen that can help you lose belly fat

Struggling to get rid of that extra fat around the stomach? The solution is available in your kitchen.