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Is there a link between type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease?

Epidemiological studies show that T2DM increases the risk of AD by at least two-fold. Type 3 diabetes is a proposed term for Alzheimer’s disease resulting from insulin resistance and insulin deficiency.

Want to stay slim? Here's what you need to do

For starters, stay away from a chaotic environment.


Eat berries to lose weight

No need to skip a meal or head to a gym as easy ways to lose a few pounds.

To lose weight, work out on an empty stomach

There is evidence that working out on a completely empty stomach prompts the body to burn more fat and potentially stave off weight gain.

Women lose more than 2kg post break-up, says research

The amount of weight-loss depends on who ends the relationship. Women who initiate the break-up lose just half, than women who are dumped.

Painful 'tongue-patch' to help lose weight

The patch must be removed after a month so that it doesn't become incorporated into tongue.


Having a small breakfast can help you lose weight

Researchers served cereal,milk,scrambled egg,ham,brown toast with butter to overweight people.

Now,smartphone app to help lose weight

Researchers have developed a new smartphone app that could be key to losing weight,enabling users to regularly monitor their food intake and exercise.

Now,swallow a silicone balloon to lose weight

Gastric balloons are already used in the treatment of obesity.

Want to lose weight? Indulge in cake bars

Blend of natural ingredients used in energy bars,shakes is used to make its Skinny Slice products.

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14 food swapping tips that’ll save you over 100 calories

The best part of all of this is adding up how many calories you save in a day because they add up really quick.