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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Lord of the Rings


The Lord of the Rings actors support campaign to buy JRR Tolkien's house

December 04, 2020 4:51 pm

The place in question is 20 Northmoor Road in Oxford where the author and his family stayed for 17 years

Lord of the Rings series unveils main cast

January 15, 2020 3:46 pm

The Lord of the Rings series will not be a retelling of Peter Jackson's Oscar-winning trilogy. It will explore the story set before the events of the first LOTR novel, The Fellowship of the Ring.

Lord of the Rings series lands early season two renewal at Amazon

November 19, 2019 7:01 pm

Amazon has made a multi-season production commitment to Lord of the Rings series. It will produce the show in cooperation with the Estate of J R R Tolkien, publishing house HarperCollins, and New Line Cinema, a division of Warner Bros.

The struggle to make The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

August 02, 2019 7:25 am

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and the LotR trilogy collectively had one of the most complex productions in film history. The visual effects required technology that did not exist then and filming schedules were strenuous. But the biggest problem of them all was the writing.

Russell Crowe revealed he almost played Aragorn in Lord of the Rings trilogy

July 03, 2019 5:43 pm

Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe admitted to Howard Stern on his radio programme that he was offered the role of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings trilogy. Viggo Mortensen eventually played the iconic role.

Lord of The Rings fans can now rent out this dreamy hobbit-inspired house

November 15, 2018 6:24 pm

Inspired by the mythical series, the hobbit house has well crafted circular doors, curved walls and earthen floor. The holiday house also flaunts interior and furniture inspired by the Hobbit and also has miniature statue of Gandalf that sits on its mantelpiece.

The Lord of the Rings television series announces its writers

July 29, 2018 3:02 pm

The Lord of the Rings is getting a TV show. JD Payne and Patrick McKay have been announced as the writers. The production is rumoured to last 2 years and the show will most probably air in 2021.

Writer binge-watches 'Lord of the Rings' series with 14-course meal inspired by the trilogy

February 20, 2018 5:06 pm

Are you a 'Lord of the Rings' fan? A UK writer recently watched the trilogy back-to-back along with a 14-course marathon menu inspired by the series. Well, he had a beautiful reason to do so, and his post soon went viral on Twitter.

Lord Of The Rings might turn into a TV series

November 05, 2017 3:13 pm

After nearly 14 years, the Lord Of The Rings franchise might return as a television series. Nothing has been finalised between Amazon Studios and Warner Bros yet, but both of them are in talks to make the epic into a TV series. After Game Of Thrones this might be the next interesting series to watch out for.

The Count is dead

June 15, 2015 8:07 am

Lee was a lot else besides Dracula, including a British World War II veteran, but the Count has only that single enduring identity outside of Bram Stoker’s novel.