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Mexicans scramble for gasoline as stations run dry

State oil company Petroleos Mexicanos said the use of more secure transportation methods has resulted in delays for fuel delivery to gas stations.

Mexico: President Obrador blasts 'stratospheric' Supreme Court wages

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador accused the judges of looking after their own pocketbooks and of failing to grasp the "new reality" that his administration represents.


Dismissing past ailments, Mexico's next president Lopez Obrador says he's healthy

Lopez Obrador accused the media of using old medical reports to paint a picture of ill health.

Mexico president-elect Lopez Obrado says will look at legalizing some drugs

Lopez Obrador, who takes office on Dec. 1, said on Sunday that he would also look at paying farmers more for their corn as a way to dissuade them from planting poppy seeds.

Mexico: President-elect Lopez Obrador vows improvements to deter migration

Lopez Obrador also suggested the US and Mexico draft a development plan backed by public funds and invite Central American countries to join, with the aim of making it "economically unnecessary" for Central Americans to migrate.

Mexico's president-elect will propose amnesty law

Alfonso Durazo, proposed as the new administration's public security minister, said the amnesty law would be part of a 'Mexican recipe for peace.' Amnesty would not be given at the discretion of the president, he said.


Amlo’s way

Mexico’s new president, the country’s first left-leaning leader in decades, needs to deliver on growth and poverty alleviation.

Anti-Trump mood sways Mexican voters in U.S. in favour of Lopez Obrador

Exit polls Sunday evening showed Lopez Obrador had won by a large margin, and his rivals both conceded shortly after polls closed.

Mexico's Lopez Obrador wins exit polls; Meade and rivals concede defeat

Jose Antonio Meade, the candidate of the ruling centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, conceded defeat to Lopez Obrador, a 64-year-old former Mexico City mayor, within minutes of the polls closing.

Mexico's ruling party narrowly fends off leftist in major state election

An early count projection from the state's electoral institute said PRI candidate Alfredo del Mazo's lead would widen to between 32.75 per cent and 33.59 per cent of the vote. Delfina Gomez, candidate of MORENA was seen taking no more than 31.53 per cent.

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Inside the Mexican town that supplies most of United States' heroin

Overdose deaths from opioids have increased almost six-fold in past two decades in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The year 2017 witnessed more than 15,000 deaths due to heroin overdose.