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Certain genes related to mood, stress can impact longevity

A series of genes involved in mood and stress disorders could have an impact on the longevity. Researchers suggest these genes are targets for therapeutic interventions.

Want to add years to your life? Stop eating red meat daily

Researchers found a 3.6-year increase in life expectancy for those on a vegetarian diet for more than 17 years, compared to short-term vegetarians.


Certain genes can lengthen lifespan, only if you exercise

The researchers found that the dopamine D2 receptor gene (D2R) significantly influences lifespan, body weight and locomotor activity, but only when combined with exercise, among other factors.

People with a conventional name may live longer: Study

Nothing's been proved as yet but it still looks interesting. Don't you think?

Ladies! Postpone motherhood to live long!

Researchers have found that women who have babies later in life are likely to live longer.

Smarter people live longer: Study

Beyond making smarter choices in life, intelligent people also have biology working in their favour, says study.


New study links eating less to longevity

Calorie-restricted low-fat diet lives the longest while those eating high fats have the shortest lives.

Seeking a long life?

Iceland has longest-lived men,US scores poorly; researchers say adults in need of health intervention.

People who look young 'live longer'

Are you a baby face? Well,then chances are high that you will live to a ripe old age,says a new study.

Non-smokers live longer,healthy life: Study

The result of a three-decade-long study of 54 thousand participants revealed that non-smokers have longer life with lesser chances of getting heart disease compared to smokers.