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Fast walkers more likely to live longer, says study

This is the first time research has associated fast walking pace with a longer life expectancy regardless of a person's body weight or obesity status.

People with happy spouses may live longer: Study

The findings suggest that greater partner life satisfaction at the beginning of the study was associated with lower participant mortality risk.


People with healthy lifestyle live up to seven years longer suggests a study

People who do not smoke, consume alcohol moderately and maintain a healthy weight may live up to seven years longer than the general population, and spend most of these extra years in good health, a study has found. The study, published in the journal Health Affairs, showed that people who refrain from engaging in risky […]

Keep your body in shape if you want to live longer

People who had a heavy body shape from their childhood and also put on weight during their middle age are at highest risk of mortality.

Bask in sun for longer life

People with lower blood levels of vitamin D are twice as likely to die prematurely as compared to people with higher blood levels of vitamin D, says research.

Spend a little more for longer life

Are you working too hard and saving a lot for your retirement even when you are not sure that you would live that long?


110-year-old Brit woman credits longevity to whiskey

Whiskey is the secret of long life.

Want to live longer? 'Be happy'

Study shows that positive mood could reduce stress-related hormones and boost immune function.

Secret to a long life? Adopt a four-step plan in your life!

No smoking,exercise,not being overweight,and eating nutrient rich diet--are keys for long life.

Take a brisk walk daily 'to live a long life'

Want to live a long and healthy life? Just take a brisk walk daily for half-an-hour.