Lokpal Bill Rajya Sabha

Lokpal Bill Rajya Sabha News

Parliament: Debate on Lokpal Bill fails to start,RS adjourned after uproar by SP

Earlier,BSP chief Mayawati said that her party was in favour of the Lokpal Bill.

After Rahul's push for Lokpal,Anna Hazare hails draft bill

He said he would break his fast after the bill had been passed in the Rajya Sabha.


Lokpal Bill gets majority support in Rajya Sabha,SP stages walkout

It was time to celebrate the consensus that had been reached on the Lokpal,Sibal said.

Lokpal Bill: Unanimous support in all party meet,absent SP remains opposed

SP is opposed to the bill as it would 'lead to a standstill of the whole decision-making process.'

The Lokpal Bill,then and now

What's changed,what hasn't between original bill and amended version,headed for Rajya Sabha

Wait over as Rajya Sabha clears Lokpal Bill,LS to take up changes today

Once passed in that House too,it would pave way for setting up the anti-corruption ombudsman.


Lokpal Bill on the move,Anna happier and softer

Changes clear Rajya Sabha,head to Lok Sabha today.

Parties on board,Rajya Sabha set to pass Lokpal Bill today

Samajwadi Party and Shiv Sena said they will oppose the proposed anti-graft law.

Anna 'satisfied' with Lokpal Bill,will break fast if passed

He said though the Bill differs from the original Jan Lokpal Bill proposed by Team Anna in April 2011,he was satisfied with the 'new'.

Rajya Sabha to take up Lokpal Bill today

The Rajya Sabha can pass it on Friday and the Lok Sabha on Monday.