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MPCA to make changes in its constitution after Supreme Court guidelines

MPCA decides to modify constitution in the wake of Supreme Court approving the BCCI's new draft constitution last week.

Supreme Court relaxes bar on officials but BCCI faces near wipeout at the top

The court scrapped the one-state-one-vote policy and restored the voting power of all associations in Maharashtra and Gujarat, and government bodies Railways, Services and Universities.


Reform with some concessions: What SC order means for Cricket Board

The order was passed following a “comprehensive exercise” that involved the amicus curiae taking suggestions from all stakeholders involved with the Board, including the Committee of Administrators (CoA), state associations and office-bearers.

Plea Filed by 12 Former Cricketers PCA affairs: High Court puts Punjab government, cricket body on notice

Punjab and High Court Justice Jitendra Chauhan took up the petition on Wednesday filed against state of Punjab and 57 other respondents by former Ranji player and secretary of PCPA Rakesh Handa and 11 other players.

Judges to take charge at Mumbai Cricket Association, to ensure implementation of Lodha reforms

It'll now be the two administrators' responsibility to ensure that the MCA adopts the Lodha committee recommendations in its entirety and accordingly calls for fresh elections.

Supreme Court warns BCCI officials over draft constitution

A bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra said the draft constitution should include the suggestions of the Lodha committee in its entirety so that a holistic document can be placed before the apex court for a final decision.


Committee of Administrators sends draft resolution to state units for fund release

Knowing well that it could be a pressure tactic from the defiant state units, the COA has made it clear that non-compliance with regards to Lodha Committee reforms means that they won't get the funds.

CoA warns states to reform or face Supreme Court wrath

The BCCI COA have given a stern warning to all the errant state associations that if they don’t comply with the Lodha-recommended reforms, Supreme Court will be requested to step in and exercise its power.

Wheels set in motion for Indian cricketers’ union

The whole idea of a players association, according to Lodha Committee, is to give the players “a voice to raise their concerns” while barring them from forming a “trade union of any sort.”

Rethink on Lodha panel's one-state one-vote plan: BCCI CoA to tell Supreme Court

CoA will ask for a rethink on removal of voting rights to the three government-run bodies and suggest to have CAG as a BCCI member.