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Pale, shaky or blotchy: Your hands could tell a lot about your health

When it comes to health, our hands can reveal some surprising secrets. Find out what they are.

Liver disease in pregnant women: Know the symptoms and treatment

Pregnant women can have preexisting liver diseases such as cirrhosis and portal hypertension or can get acute hepatitis, prior to pregnancy. They can also get liver diseases unique to pregnancy.


Health tips: Add these foods to your diet and keep your liver healthy

You will find most of these items in your kitchen cabinet or your local market. So don’t delay, and make an effort to maintain the health of your liver.

Physical activities may cut risk of death from liver disease: Study

Chronic liver disease is increasing, partly due to the obesity epidemic, and currently there are no guidelines for the optimal type of exercise for the prevention of cirrhosis-related mortality.

These home-made detox drinks will help deep cleanse your liver

A healthy liver contributes to the overall health of a person, which is why it is important to ensure its smooth functioning. Try these easy DIY detox drinks and take care of your liver.

Decoded: How gut microbiome can control tumour growth in liver

Despite extensive research into the relationship between the gut microbiome and cancer, the role of the gut bacteria in the formation of liver cancer has remained poorly understood.


Fatty liver may increase heart disease, mortality

The findings showed that NAFLD is an independent risk factor for atherosclerosis — the build-up of fats, cholesterol and other substances in and on the artery walls — which may lead to the advent of heart diseases-related deaths.

Global hospitals doctors launch super-specialty liver clinic

Liver diseases ninth leading cause of deaths in India, next only to diabetes.

Common antibacterial in soap may harm liver

The researchers found that triclosan disrupted liver integrity and compromised liver function in mouse models.

How binge drinking harms the liver

An Indian-origin researcher has identified epigenetic protein changes caused by binge drinking.