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Walking, cycling may help you live longer: Study

The study included 316,137 adults aged 18-74 years who had their first occupational health screening between 1995 and 2015 in Sweden.

Here's what sitting for long hours can do to your health

Reducing daily sitting time by one to two hours could have a significant and positive impact on future cardiovascular health.


Less active people may live longer?

Female mice with a high life expectancy are less active and less explorative.

Drinking coffee may help you live longer: Study

For thousands of years,coffee has been one of the two or three most popular beverages on earth.

Eating fish could help you to live longer

Eating fish twice a week could help you live at least two years longer,a new study has claimed.

Will starving yourself help you live longer? Maybe not

The NIA study showed that even monkeys starting calorie restriction early in life,from 1 to 14 years.


Multivitamins don't help US women live longer: study

Women taking multivitamins don't live longer than those who get their nutrients from food alone,according to a U.S. study that found they in fact appear to have slightly higher death rates.

Volunteering to help others may add years to your life: study

Those who volunteered for their personal satisfaction live no longer than non-volunteers,says study.

Good relationship with co-workers increases your lifespan

Those having low social support at work were 2.4 times more likely to die within those 20 years.

Want to live longer? Study hard!

If you want to live longer,pay attention at school,study hard,and go to college,says study.