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Prohibition cannot work everywhere: Bihar Deputy CM Sushil Modi

Pitching for stricter laws to punish people engaged in the manufacture and sale of illicit liquor, the Bihar deputy CM said it should be studied why such people should not be handed death sentence or life imprisonment.

Reviewing Prohibition law, necessary changes will be made: Nitish Kumar

“It is not that an amendment in the offing. He was only saying that any such step of social reform in a democracy is based on constant dialogue and feedback, on the basis of which solutions or changes to any problem that crops up are decided upon," JDU spokesperson said.


Opposition to liquor ban is an anti-poor stance: Nitish Kumar

In an apparent reference to a spate of communal flare-ups witnessed recently in the state, Kumar also made it clear that the rule of law will be upheld under his watch.

Nitish Kumar calls for nationwide liquor ban

"When Gujarat could implement liquor ban, Bihar could show that it could also be banned in the state, why it cannot be banned in the entire country?"

Karnataka team in Bihar to study prohibition, its impact

Liquor is the second highest revenue generator in Karnataka and the state government is not considering a liquor ban, senior officials said.

Delhi High Court declines to hear PIL to stop sale of liquor at airports

The Delhi High Court said that the relief sought was akin to not providing sugar to someone on the ground that it could lead to diabetes as the plea was premised on the assumption that everyone, who has had a drink, would be drunk.


No liquor ban in UP, minister informs Assembly

"The revenue from excise is used in public welfare and developmental schemes of the state. Banning liquor sale will indirectly promote illicit liquor sale and people will start purchasing from illegal sources which will adversely affect their health. Thus, for revenue and public interest, banning liquor in the state does seem to be justified," the minister said.

Kiran Bedi at Ahmedabad university convocation: ‘You’re all well-built, is it because of prohibition’

Bedi also suggested that the university become an open university and reach out to all states, including those that do not have facilities like Gujarat.

Show cause notice against Bihar cops for using mobile during CM Nitish Kumar's seminar

One IPS officer was caught playing a game on his mobile, while another officer was seen looking at photograph of PM Modi with US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump. The third officer meanwhile was seen watching some pictures on a popular social media platform.

Bihar youth murder case: Manorama Devi files petition for bail again

Devi, who is accused of violating prohibition law, was on Tuesday sent to 14-day judicial custody.