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Looking for a peg

As Kerala attempts phased prohibition, a look at how the country holds its drink

Police set to crackdown on people drinking in cars

Most eating joints that serve non vegetarian food are either selling or serving liquor on demand.


Young women who drink alcohol at greater risk of breast cancer

First study to link breast cancer risk to drinking in early adolescence and full-term pregnancy.

‘No BPL benefits for those who spend over Rs 50 on liquor’

The Madhya Pradesh government has come up with a new solution to curb consumption of liquor in rural areas. State Minister for Panchayat and Rural Development Gopal Bhargava has warned that people can lose their BPL status for spending money on liquor

Onam high: Kerala breaks

Kerala,which has the highest per capita liquor consumption in the country,broke its own previous record on liquor sales during last week’s spirited Onam celebration.