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Boeing believed a 737 Max warning light was standard. It wasn’t.

The warning light notifies pilots of a disagreement in the sensors that measure which direction the plane is pointed, a potential sign of a malfunction. This light could have provided critical information to the pilots on two flights that crashed shortly after takeoff in recent months.

Boeing making 'steady progress' on path to 737 MAX software certification: CEO

Boeing's newest 737 model, the MAX, was grounded worldwide in March following two fatal crashes, one on Lion Air in Indonesia in October and another on Ethiopian Airlines in March, which together killed all 346 on board.


Boeing cuts 737 MAX output in wake of two deadly crashes

Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg said on Friday said the company now knows that a chain of events caused both disasters, with erroneous activation of so-called MCAS anti-stall software "a common link" between the two.

Boeing rolls out software fix to defend 737 MAX franchise, awaits US regulator's approval

A Boeing official in Seattle said on Wednesday the timing of the software upgrade was "100 per cent independent of the timing of the Ethiopian accident," and the company was taking steps to make the anti-stall system "more robust."

US airlines sending teams to review Boeing 737 MAX upgrade this weekend

Ethiopian and French investigators have pointed to "clear similarities" between the two crashes, which killed 346 people, putting pressure on Boeing and US regulators to come up with an adequate fix. The causes of the crashes are still unknown.

In Lion Air crash, families tell of pressure to sign no-lawsuit deal

Sign this form, they were told by employees of the low-cost carrier, and they would receive 1.3 billion rupiah, or $91,600.


Indonesia's Lion Air is said to start work on $1 billion IPO

The company is working with advisers on the planned share sale, which could take place as soon as this year, the people said.

US: Southwest Airlines pilots say extra training required after Boeing 737 MAX software update

Boeing has been working on a software update to an anti-stall system called MCAS since a Lion Air plane crashed in Indonesia in October, killing all 189 aboard. That effort has become urgent after a second 737 MAX 8 crashed in Ethiopia last week.

Boeing Max 8 hit trouble right away, pilot’s tense radio messages show

“Break break, request back to home,” the captain told air traffic controllers as they scrambled to divert two other flights approaching the airport. “Request vector for landing.”

Lion Air ends search for black box, Indonesian investigators plan own probe

The main wreckage and the CVR, one of two so-called black boxes, were not recovered in an initial search. Lion Air said in December it was funding a 38 billion rupiah ($2.64 million) search using the offshore supply ship MPV Everest.