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LinkedIn introduces Facebook-type 'Reactions' in a bid to boost interactions

LinkedIn has introduced 'LinkedIn Reactions' that will be used by the users for communicating and reacting to posts.

LinkedIn co-founder apologizes for deception in Alabama Senate race

Hoffman said he had no idea that political operatives whose work he had financed had used fakery on Facebook and Twitter in the special Senate election a year ago in Alabama.


LinkedIn launches self-service talent analytics tool

Talent Insights is simple and easy-to-use, thus, making it possible for recruiters, HR and talent leaders to understand market trends at any given moment, without relying on a team of data scientists.

Technology jobs are in demand among Indian professionals: LinkedIn

While the role of machine learning engineer has registered a whopping 43 times higher growth rate, an application development analyst's role achieved a 32 times high growth rate between 2013 and 2017, revealed the "Top 10 Emerging Jobs in India" report

LinkedIn now has over 50 million users in India

LinkedIn in the coming months will be launching many new India-centric products.

LinkedIn launches 'Scheduler' feature to ease hiring process

Microsoft's LinkedIn has introduced a 'Scheduler' feature, that allows job seekers and employers to schedule meetings through the professional linking platform.


Marketers bet big on automation, content marketing, video in 2018: LinkedIn survey

A LinkedIn survey shows that many marketers feel that automation, content marketing and video could drive strategies in 2018.

Firm selling fake Twitter followers to be probed

A digital marketing company will be under investigation in New York for selling fake Twitter accounts. The company, called Devumi, claims to use its 'blend of marketing tactics' to increase post interactions across social media.

Our technologies to keep empowering India in 2018: Microsoft

Microsoft India' chairman, Anand Maheshwari, has said that the company will continue to build on its projects across India, assisting governments, agencies and communities.

Microsoft's cloud services offering to help digitally transform data storage firm

Microsoft's enterprise cloud services got its first customer, as datacentre maintenance firm Park Place Technologies has become its first client.