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Beat the summer heat with your family at these cool outdoor places around Delhi NCR

If you live in Delhi NCR, its time to pay a visit to these places to take time off the hustle and bustle of city life.

Indian and international artists have been working on murals to convert a residential Delhi colony into Lodhi Art District

Mumbai-based Sajid Wajid has painted a mural in vibrant red, blue and yellow, where he celebrates feminity through the work. As does the Aravani Art Project, where 15 trans-women and volunteers painted portraits of women they worked with, and who have shaped their philosophy.


Express LOL: Seven ways to sleep on time after FIFA World Cup

So now that the FIFA World Cup is over and and a huge void has been left in our lives (or rather, nights), we need to get back to our normal sleeping patterns before we get the pink slip, or a rustication letter from college.

For style, be experimental: Try and explore different feminine sensual hemlines

Hemline falling just above the floor, a feminine-sensual style that skims your hips and thighs and flares out slightly at the hemline which reminds you of the musical instrument after which it is named, be experimental and express more.

Tapestry of Time

The first avant garde textile museum in Ladakh strives to preserve rich Ladakhi art, craft and culture, to promote local artisans and those who practice traditional arts

The Food Story: How India's favourite sweet dish rosugulla was born

Temple text suggests that rosugulla was in existence nearly 700 years ago and was invented as a tribute to Lord Jagannath’s eyes.


Things one should stop doing at hotels

How would you react if someone told you that the towel you just wiped your face with had been on someone's shoe or worse, been used to mop up a diaper accident? Revolting, right? Here's what you could do instead the next time you are faced with a spill.

Hills, beaches and cricket: Welcome to Don Bradman’s city Adelaide

“I wish Tendulkar was playing”, exclaims a cricket enthusiast in Adelaide where the hype around the India-Pakistan ICC World Cup match on 15 February next year is almost at its peak.

Neurologist launches brain pen, any takers?

No, the pen doesn't make you more brainy. It's an ode to that brilliant thing called brain which drives the writer to pen down his/her thoughts on a piece of paper.

Taste of Middle East: How to make Falafel in seven easy steps

We recommend, you try this crispy, tasty and healthy recipe as soon as you get into your kitchen.

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5 ways to shape up your belly

If you have some tires on your belly, get rid of them by making a few changes in your diet and lifestyle, says an expert.

Top 5 fun pizza facts you would like to know

Pizza is loved by foodies worldwide. As October is the National Pizza Month, here are some facts about the cheesy and delicious invention.


8 steps: How to make crispy pakoras

Monsoon is here and one can't help but crave for crispy, tasty pakoras in this rainy season. Check out our step-by-step recipe.

Simple and delicious: 15 preparations for Iftar you deserve

After a day of fasting, you deserve a meal fit for a king. Conclude your day with these quick and delectable recipes for Iftar.

20 steps: How to make aloo paratha the perfect way!

Craving for a plate of aloo paratha, but don't know how to go about it? Check out our step-by-step recipe for the delicious stuffed aloo paratha.

Welcome to the candyland! Floor art made with candy, sugar, beads and toys

If you have a sweet tooth and love candies, you might want to eat up this artwork. Australian artist Tanya Schultz uses candies, toys and other materials to create art. Have a look.


Models audition for Amazon India Fashion Week

The 25th edition of India's fashion trade event will be held from March 25-29.

Say hello to summer with these hot accessories

The summer season calls for a lot of bright colours and accessories, and since winter is fading with each passing day, it's time to revamp your accessory wardrobe with asymmetrical earrings and tribal necklaces.

Happy Chocolate Day: Here's how they keep you healthy, happy

Enjoy chocolates without thinking twice as some of the research conducted by different brands suggests that chocolate can be good for you too.

India Art Fair kicks off in the capital

The seventh edition of India Art Fair features modern and contemporary art from across the world. The four-day fair would be held from 29 January to 1 February.