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Life After Dark: There is more to Belgrade than bass, booze and blondes

Belgrade’s most popular attraction is the Church of Saint Sava, the largest Orthodox church in the world believed to be built over the remains of Sava, the Serbian prince and Orthodox monk.

We are perfect the way we are, we just don't realise it: Nivetha Thomas

She talks about her life in Chennai, her roots in Kerala, and the cultural integration that makes her call any place home.


To remedy an imaginary situation, stop thinking about it: Eckhart Tolle

Tolle says excessive thought activity often creates scenarios of things going wrong; that are not happening now; may never happen.

No challenges, no success. Know challenges, know success: Gaur Gopal Das

The former Hewlett Packard engineer-turned-motivational speaker Gaur Gopal Das shares why challenges are necessary for success.

We all search outside of ourselves for happiness: Nithya Shanti

Shanti draws a parallel with the human desire of seeking happiness in everything but their own selves.

Do you keep thinking a lot about yourself? It's time you start observing: J Krishnamurti

When one is observing, he/she tends to not use words or expressions but become a part of the whole experience.


A rich life has the winters and the summers: Robin Sharma

In this inspiring video, Robin Sharma talks about how joy and sorrow are interlinked, and one cannot feel joyous until one has had bad times.

Expanding perspective helps one to handle tough situations with calmness and grace: Life coach Dr Kavita Chandrashekhar

Drawing the importance of broadening one's perspective in life, Dr Kavita Chandrashekhar emphasises that while pain is imminent, suffering is a choice.

Being negative is automatic but positive attitude is a choice we all have to make: Gaur Gopal Das

In this inspiring video, Das emphasises that true happiness lies within oneself.

Worrying can never solve problems: Vedanta scholar Dr Janki Santoke

Its important to stop worrying once an action has been initiated.

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Five mental tricks to manage your life better

If you know how to manage your time, chances are you also know how to manage your mind. Here're five mind hacks that might help achieve that.