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Karma Sutra: The supreme art of doing nothing

It’s important that we realise that even when we are not attending to anything, we are still doing something.

Karma Sutra: 10 things to remember while journeying through life

Our ticket to reach a destination is knowledge because without knowledge, we will keep getting off at the wrong stations and end up feeling disillusioned.


Karma Sutra: The antidote to suffering lies in divine energy or God

We need to remember that ‘people’ can neither give nor take anything from us simply because they are mere instruments.

Karma Sutra: Understanding the cyclical nature of life, and beyond

Depending on the degree of self-awareness each individual is at a different stage of evolution.

Karma Sutra: What is love?

Do we merely fall in love with ‘the idea’ of being in love? Is love yet another exercise in self-importance?

Karma Sutra: How we're gripped in the clutches of fear

‘Fear’ may vary in degrees and types, from fear of death to the fear of the unknown, from realistic fear to neurotic fear, but there is no denying that fear is no stranger to any of us.


Karma Sutra: The pursuit of wealth — is it really that bad?

Only when our material needs are met with can we move to the highest level of the hierarchy, that of self-actualisation.

'I just want everyone to be friends': This 6-yr-old girl's wise words to her mom will blow you away

"If we live in a world where everyone is being mean, everyone would be a monster in the future."

Karma Sutra: The search of perfection, amid imperfection, is a trap we need to avoid

The best way to deal with the defects of character is to shift our focus on the positives that complement it.

Karma Sutra: We have to remember that special means 'unique', not 'superior'

The truth is that we are all special; unique in our potential and consciousness, no one is superior or inferior to the other.