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We all search outside of ourselves for happiness: Nithya Shanti

Shanti draws a parallel with the human desire of seeking happiness in everything but their own selves.

Inspiring video highlights the importance of family

This inspiring YoursWisely video beautifully depicts the importance of our loved ones through a simple story.


From thinking calmly to living in the present: Some life lessons from Kung Fu Panda

"Don't think of the past, what matters is what you do today. The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now," says Po the Panda. Do you agree?

Karma Sutra: Why it's important to let go in life

What we don’t want to accept is that life goes on, with or without us.

10 lessons of life penned down by kids

You can't turn back the clock, but you can certainly learn some valuable lessons of life from your "kid self".

Ten life lessons by Baapu on Gandhi Jayanti

He had a unique understanding of life and his words hold significance even today. On Mahatma Gandhi's 145th anniversary, we revisit his top 10 life lessons.