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Urban Naxals et al

The embodiment of Leftist economic policies is MGNREGA. It supposedly guarantees jobs but is in fact just dole. It may ‘alleviate’ poverty but can never help poor people rise out of poverty. Modi seemed to know this when he first became Prime Minister.

For a second wave

To enable infrastructure investment, financing bottlenecks must be removed and bankruptcy procedures created.


CAD to come down to $60 bn: Chidambaram

The rupee closed at 61.74 against the dollar today.

PSUs to raise $4 billion from overseas markets

'Each of these institutions will have to take permission from their board and structure the bond.'

In the name of the poor

Last week the Prime Minister met yet again with the mighty moguls of Indian industry

We were conservative about open market but changed: Ratan Tata

The group was $5 bn in size when Tata took over reins,but it is going to be a $100 bn conglomerate this year.


We changed after 1991: Ratan Tata

"We were too conservative about the liberalisation before 1991",said Ratan Tata.

'51% FDI in multi-brand retail fantastic'

Leading NRI entrepreneur Lord Karan Bilimoria hope there would be more liberalisation.

'Corporate Mafia' is a big threat: Bhushan

The biggest threat to democracy is 'corporate mafia' brought about by liberalisation,he said.

Overseas investors can now open escrow accounts

Sebi-authorised depository participants can open and maintain escrow account for securities