LHC News

Science in 140 characters: 300 TB of collisions

Keeping that in mind, CERN has decided to release 300 TB (terabyte) of data from its Large Hadron Collider (LHC) for free use on the Internet, according to an article tweeted by theoretical physicist Sean M Carroll.

New atom-smashing magnet could help uncover mysterious properties of Higgs boson

Magnet that will allow LHC to study 2-3 times more proton collisions,has successfully passed its first test.


Scientists may have detected dark matter particle

Scientists have observed concrete hints of a particle behind the elusive dark matter.

Scientists await new worlds as CERN Large Hadron Collider is refitted

LHC came up last summer with the long-sought elementary particle,the Higgs boson.

Hafiz Saeed moves LHC; demands end to VVIP culture in Pak

He said that VIP and VVIP status culture violates the Constitutional provisions of equality.

LHC: Colaba connection

If theyre overwhelmed that the success of the most cutting-edge,high-energy physics experiments ever conducted depends on facilities like this one...