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5 LGBTQ novels you should add to your bookshelf

From love stories to gay parenting and from friendship to politics, it is disheartening to read such stories. These complex tales don't only focus on sexuality but also on the experiences and struggles of the LGBT+community.

Virgin to mark 50th anniversary of NYC's Stonewall Uprising with 'Pride Flight'

The flight, which is scheduled for June 2019 to coincide with World Pride 2019, will be staffed entirely by LGBT+ pilots and cabin crew. It will depart from London's Heathrow on June 28, 2019, flying directly to NYC's Newark Airport.


For the LGBTQI community living in small town India, there’s a long road to acceptance

Section 377 might have been struck down, but social acceptance and financial stability often evade those who live in small town India.

TISS gay community slams personal attack by student on queer member

"This is a classic case of cisgender heterosexuality oppressing people who do not bow to the binaries of gender," the Queer Collective group said in the statement.

Same-sex relationships would lead to natural calamities: Tamil Nadu-based pastor

The pastor created a flutter in a court complex in Coimbatore on Monday, raising slogans against the SC'S landmark judgement decriminalising consensual gay sex which, it said, violated the constitutional right to equality and dignity

Now, we can say we are not criminals, deserve to be treated like equal citizens: Pune LGBTQI community

Members of Pune LGBTQI community celebrating the judgment said the fight for their rights has just begun, "Marriage, adoption and anti-discriminatory laws are the major fights in the coming years."


Full text: SC judgment decriminalises same-sex relationships under Section 377

The full text of the judgment in which the Supreme Court struck down the provision of Section 377 which criminalised sexual relations between same-sex couples.

Cis, Bi, Transgender, Pansexual - a ready reckoner on sexual identities and leanings

Other than the three commonly used terms - lesbian, gay, and bisexual, people tend to be unclear of other identities or their definitions. But since ignorance isn’t bliss, it's time we understand and start talking about all sexual orientations. 

Queer and Islam: There's no conflict, a Delhi project set to tell you

The Queer Muslim Project is holding a “Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Islam” workshop in Delhi that will be a space for LGBTQ and queer Muslims to explore their feelings and experiences of Islam, both good and bad, this Sunday, August 5.

At momentous juncture for LGBTQI rights, this art exhibition explores shades of homosexual intimacy

A bunch of artists from the LGBTQI community in Kerala have painted their perspectives of homosexual intimacy on canvas. Three years ago, the first edition of the exhibition was held in Kochi with five artists, all of them from Kerala.