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Blood Cancer Awareness Month: Diet changes that can help combat the genetic condition

According to a report by WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, India has the third-highest number of haematological cancers, commonly called blood cancer.

'Germ-free childhood makes kids prone to leukemia'

A study, published in the journal Nature Reviews Cancer, revealed that a childhood free of germs followed by infections in future can make them prone to childhood leukemia.


Nail salon workers at high risk of cancer, says study

Researchers stressed that salon customers, however, face significantly fewer risks. The observed levels of air pollution observed are unlikely to have any negative health effects on all but the most vulnerable, such as those who are pregnant or have serious asthma.

Blood stem cells come to the rescue of a 28-year-old diagnosed with Leukemia

The recipient was suffering from a form of blood cancer for which blood stem cell transplant was the only option.

Audio pioneer passes away at 80

Dolby founded his namesake company in 1965 and grew it into an industry leader in audio technology.

2-year-old dying son to be best man at parents' wedding

Parents have advanced the wedding so that their son can attend it.


Elder Bush shaves head in support of child with cancer

Bush shaved his head in solidarity with young son of a member of his security detail suffering from leukemia.

Hookah not a harmless alternative to cigarettes,says study

Hookah smoke contains a different - but still harmful - mix of toxins,say US researchers.

PGI doc invited to present paper in Japan

Dr Prateek Bhatia,Assistant Professor,Department of Pediatrics,PGIMER,Chandigarh has been awarded the Young Scientist Travel Award,aomunting to 100,000 Yen,by the Japanese Society of Hematology and has been invited to attend their 74th Annual Meeting to be held at Kyoto,Japan in October.

An immune system trained to kill cancer

Doctors are using gene therapy to train a person’s own immune system to kill cancer cells.