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Letters to the editor: Absurd theatre

This refers to the editorial ‘Street theatre’ (IE, March 5).

Letters to the editor: Undiscerning law

Lower courts have often been tardy in applying that test, even though higher courts have generally stood by serious authors and artists.


Letters to the editor: Misusing power

Even Parliament is currently only adjourned sine die and has not been prorogued.

Letters to the editor: The path of peace

This refers to Nuti Namita’s article ‘A past of its own making’ (IE, February 17).

Letters to the editor: Historic wrong

Penguin’s decision to sign an out-of-court settlement abandons the basic ethics of publishing.

Letters to editor: Credit cronies

This refers to ‘India Stinc’ by Shekhar Gupta (IE, February 15).


Letters to the editor: Utterly shameful

This refers to the editorial ‘Parliament is shamed’ (IE, February 14).

Letters to the editor: Equally effective

Apropos of the editorial ‘Opportunity lost’ (IE, January 14), constituting an Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) will not only displace other group-specific commissions but also mean that its duties and functions will overlap with theirs.

Letters to the editor: Edge of diplomacy

The Devyani Khobragade episode has proved that India does not figure on President Barack Obama’s world map (‘Devyani Khobragade barred entry into US’, IE, January 12).