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Inform me if ministers skip Parliament duty, PM Modi tells party brass

While briefing the media, Joshi said that the prime minister told the parliamentarians that they should take up a social cause or an issue of human sensitivity as a "mission" apart from carrying out their duties as members of Parliament.

Japan government to pay damages to kin over leprosy isolation

More than 12,000 leprosy patients were kept in 14 isolated sanatoriums across the country, and many were also forcibly sterilized. Many remained at the sanatoriums even after the termination of the segregation policy in 1996, fearing discrimination and with ties to their families severed.


‘Scheduled Tribes most affected by leprosy in Gujarat’

As much as 64.8 per cent of leprosy affected people in the state are from the Scheduled Tribes. The figure had gone up from 63.91 per cent in 2015-16, and is way higher than the national average of 18.8 percent in 2016-17 and 18.79 per cent in 2015-16.

Number of serious afflictions in leprosy cases steadily reducing: Health Ministry data

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), Grade 1 disability among new leprosy cases relate to eye problems, where vision is not severely affected and a person is able to count fingers from a distance of six metres.

World Leprosy Day: over half of new cases are detected in India

India accounts for 60% of new cases detected in 2017 — 1.26 lakh out of 2.10 lakh. The country’s numbers have consistently been more than half the world figures since 2008.

Leprosy on rise, Bihar may see all-time high of 50,000 new cases this year

Health dept says aggressive campaign led to more cases; experts blame poor living conditions


End leprosy for good: 28,456 Maharashtra's gram panchayats to take vow on Republic Day

In Maharashtra, health officials said they would take up the campaign on January 26. Gram sabha meetings will be held across several villages on January 26 as part of Republic Day celebrations.

Lok Sabha clears Bill to remove leprosy as ground for divorce, Owaisi says interference

Asaduddin Owaisi said that unlike other marriage laws, Islam recognised marriage as a “contract between two people”. “Therefore as per Contract laws in India, if one party willfully hides any information, like illness such as leprosy, it is a ground for divorce,” he said.

Delhi: 22 leprosy cases detected during month-long campaign

The first noticeable sign of leprosy is the development of pale or pinkish patches on the skin, that may be sensitive to temperature or pain.

The Healing Touch

A documentary highlights the stigma faced by people suffering from leprosy despite India being declared ‘leprosy free’ in 2005