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California opens online system to license new pot industry

Along with valid local permits, those who apply will need to disclose owners in the businesses, their locations, provide diagrams of the establishments and produce documents that show how their cannabis businesses would operate at the sites.

Los Angeles moves toward legal pot sales milestone

The long-delayed guidelines would be a milestone: Growers and sellers need local licenses before they can apply for state permission to operate in the new, legal pot economy.


Maneka Gandhi suggests legalising marijuana for medical purposes

During the meeting of the GoM, which was chaired by Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Gandhi also stressed on the need for regulating the sale and availability of pharmaceutical drugs such as codeine cough syrups and inhalants among others which are being abused.

For Mary Jane

From Colorado to Uruguay,experiments with legalising marijuana usage. India should take note.

Schwarzenegger opens discussion for legalising marijuana

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has opened discussions for legalising marijuana in the state.