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Man killed as protests sweep Lebanon after President Michel Aoun interview

In a statement, the army said a soldier had opened fire to disperse protesters who were blocking a road in Khaldeh, wounding one person. The soldier was detained and the incident was under investigation.

Lebanon a 'beautiful idea' in need of a reboot, say protesters

"Lebanon is a beautiful idea," said Yara Salem, a 25-year-old cinema student who spends her days at the tented protest camp in Martyrs' Square, only a few metres from the revolving doors of Le Grey, one of Beirut's top five-star hotels.


Explained: What's next after Lebanon PM resigns?

A look at what's next after Lebanon's prime minister resigns in the face of mass protests.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, steps down in face of protests

Years of barely suppressed rage over Lebanon’s corruption, dysfunction and widening inequality detonated Oct. 17, when the government announced a tax on calls made over popular, free internet-based messaging services, including WhatsApp.

Explained: Why Lebanon's decision to tax calls through Internet triggered protests

While the tax proposal has since then been withdrawn, if it were to pass, Lebanon would be the first country in the world to do so. The move, however, has triggered mass anti-government protests in the West Asian country.

Lebanese make a 'song and dance' about protests, have netizens hooked

The unique method of protesting started when a toddler was caught in the midst of a noisy demonstration. To calm the distressed child, a protestor sang a popular children's song" Baby Shark".


Facing protests, Lebanon approves emergency economic reforms

Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, in a televised speech, said the new measures might not meet the protesters' demands but were a start towards achieving some of them. The government must work to recover trust, he said.

Lebanon protesters keep pressure on government as economic reform deadline nears

Government sources said Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri was waiting for his coalition to get on board with the economic proposals, which include taxes on banks and a plan to overhaul the country's costly and crumbling state electricity utility.

Lebanese demonstrators decry deteriorating economic conditions

Demonstrators carrying signs and flags marched along the main road, chanting "Down with capitalism" and "Leave!" amid heightened security in the area, while others stood outside parliament.

Israel escalates its shadow war against Iran with attacks in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq

In one 18-hour period over the weekend, an Israeli airstrike killed two Iranian-trained militants in Syria, a drone set off a blast near a Hezbollah office in Beirut’s southern suburbs and an airstrike in al-Qaim, Iraq, killed a commander of an Iran-backed Iraqi militia.