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How to make learning a positive experience for kids

It is important to understand that excellent grades are not the be all and end all of academics. It is important to have an understanding of the subjects and enjoy them.

Interactive quizzes can make learning fun for kids

Quizzes help students develop and improve participative skills. Even if kids do not know the right answer, they wish to take risks to discover it and improve their repository of learning.


Govt to assess learning levels of students next month

The comprehension abilities of students in Hindi, English and Mathematics will be assessed by their class teachers between December 10-20, and the findings will be collated by the Directorate of Education (DoE).

What are Augmented Reality toys? How are they useful for children?

Every child's brain has a unique way of processing information and grasping a concept. An interactive AR toy can help them understand information at their comfort level and retain it for long.

Play and learn: Sparking learning block by block

A Lego learning class challenges students to make connections from their learning in all subjects.

How activity boxes, flash cards can aid learning

Parents have to be the pillar of strength and support for kids suffering from dyslexia. As a parent, one should make their kids undergo proper assessment to diagnose the difficulty while reading and writing.


5 activity boxes that make learning fun for kids

This activity box has been carefully designed to instill creative and constructive thoughts in kids, as well as enhance their sensitivity towards their environment.

Learning a new skill? Here's how you can master it

If you practice a slightly modified version of a task you want to master, you actually learn more and faster than if you just keep practicing the exact same thing multiple times in a row.

Surprise, surprise! This is how your infant can learn better

Researchers reported a series of experiments that demonstrated that babies actively sought to learn when they witnessed something surprising.

Personality outsmarts intelligence at school

Personality is more important than intelligence when it comes to academic success, new research says.

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From AI to 5G, here's what is expected in the world of tech for 2019

We take a look at the top trends of tech to expect in 2019, from the growing using of Artificial intelligence to 5G.