Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha

Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha News

NDA’s signal: ‘Leader of largest Opp party can act as Opp leader’

With 44 seats in the Lok Sabha, the Congress is the single largest party in the opposition.

Congress has natural claim to position of Leader of Opposition, says party spokesman Randeep Surjewala

In the newly-elected Lok Sabha, no party has got 55 seats and the closest to the mark is Congress with 44 seats.


Uncertainty over Telangana, anti-graft Bills looms large

Session begins tomorrow; Oppn says vote-on-account priority.

Congress slams Sushma remark on Sonia

He targeted Swaraj saying “senior and serious leaders should not make such irresponsible statements”.

RSS gets Advani,Sushma to discuss PM pick with Rajnath

Top leaders are learnt to be withholding any move on this issue till after the state polls get over.

Sushma counters Sonia,says NDA will 100% regain power in 2014

“NDA will 100 per cent come to power after the next elections,” Swaraj said


Sushma warns govt against tabling Bangla land deal Bill

Parliament Says land an emotional issue; demands Telangana Bill be tabled

PM's statement: Swaraj satisfied,BJP not

The BJP on Saturday spoke in different voices over owning of responsibility by Prime Minister.