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Acquire land under emergency clause, Tribunal tells government

The project was conceptualised by the DJB as the solution to the Yamuna’s pollution.

Fifth Column: Lies and more lies

Rahul Gandhi's lies are serious and so must be analysed seriously.


Govt is willing to compromise on land bill: Venkaiah Naidu

'We are ready for some compromises for the larger good and for the bill to get passed' said Naidu.

Kisan ki baat

But is the storm over land acquisition diverting attention from more urgent reforms in agriculture?

Narendra Modi claims on land bill a complete lie, says Jairam Ramesh

He said the government’s ordinance is anti-farmer since it does away consent for several projects.

Modi is misleading farmers over land acquisition bill: Anna Hazare

Hazare said that he has been getting threats but he will continue to fight for farmers till his last breath.


Give and take

Government has travelled some distance on land acquisition. Opposition must meet it halfway.

Letters to the Editor: Bleak Landscape

Our laws do not make it easy for the poor farmer to convert his land to non-agricultural use. The process is complex and ridden with obstacles.

Modi pledges new ROAD to manufacturing success

Jaitley vows to remove entry barriers, bring in better tax regime.

The real disaster: price of urban land

2013 law expanded rights of losers of livelihood and land, but failed to recognise economics of land.