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Why sleeping for less than seven hours may harm your health

The findings could potentially lead to new, non-invasive tests for sleep deprived patients concerned about their health, according to researchers from University of Colorado Boulder in the US.

Does lack of sleep affect cardiovascular health?

The new research from the University of Colorado Boulder states how lack of sleep affects circulation by promoting the buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries (atherogenesis), which can increase a person's risk of experiencing a stroke or heart attack.


Cutting screen time may reverse sleep problems in teens

Recent studies have indicated that exposure to too much evening light, particularly the blue light emitted from screens on smartphones, tablets and computers can affect the brain's clock and the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, resulting in disrupted sleep time and quality.

6 ways new moms can cope with sleep problems

World Sleep Day: Maintain a sleep hygiene and ensure your bedroom is meant for sleeping only. There shouldn't be television sets or other electronic gadgets in the bedroom. Your body needs to know that it is time to sleep when you walk into your bedroom.

Rocking like a baby helps adults sleep better: Study

The same report states that the rocking motion helps adults in sleeping better and also improves their memory. Those who were examined spent around three nights at the sleep laboratory in Geneva. It was deduced that those who were rocked slept for a longer period of time.

Is your child obese? It might be because of lack of good sleep

Turns out, more and more children in India are becoming obese, thanks to lack of sleep. In fact, inadequate sleep has resulted in obesity even in preteens and younger age groups and not just the adolescent age group.


Less than six hours of sleep in the night may lead to dehydration: Study

For the purpose of the study, the relationship between sleep duration and urinary hydration biomarkers among adults in a cross-cultural context were assessed and compared to reach a conclusion. 

Kids need to sleep in late. Are schools and parents listening?

"They are attempting to sleep when their clock is signalling the body to remain awake yet rising when their clock is signalling the body to remain asleep."

Regular bedtime may boost your heart, metabolic health: study

People with irregularity in sleeping pattern were also more likely to report depression and stress than regular sleepers, suggests the study, published in the journal Scientific Report.

Have a good night's sleep: Shower tips for people who keep tossing and turning in bed

While a morning shower can really wake you up and prepare you to get by the day, the trick to get an undisturbed sleep lies in taking a warm shower before you turn in for the night.