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Northeast monsoon to commence on Thursday

With La Nina prevailing, monsoon over TN to be below normal. La Nina is a phenomenon when the Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) of the Pacific Ocean remain cooler than normal. It is known to not favour the northeast monsoon. Such conditions have been existing since August.

Local factors, not global, behind rains in Chennai, Kashmir

'High rainfall during an extreme event over a small area is possibly impacted more by local reasons than global factors.'


La Nina to bring in rain this year, says climate expert

According to the climate prediction centre, this year La NIina effect will be seen like in six instances wherein it folloewd El Nino in the successive year.

Small chance of El Nino or La Nina in summer-autumn 2013: WMO

The two phenomena cause heavy rainfall and flooding in some parts of the globe or drought in others.

Monsoon likely to be normal,says earth sciences ministry

The country is likely to see normal monsoon this year,Ministry of Earth Sciences officials said,dissipating fears of any drought-like conditions.

Mysterious deep-sea jets alter global climate: Scientists

Scientists have discovered mysterious deep-seat jets of water which cause anomalies.


El Nino can determine whether Australia wins or lose Ashes series

During El Nino and La Nina varying ocean temperatures in the eastern Pacific Ocean cause rainfall.