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Record temperatures: Trend projected to continue, what it will take to check it

From the findings, it can be inferred that India too is projected to experience the frequent occurrence of unprecedented high temperatures over the next 20 years, study author Scott Power of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology told The Indian Express by email.

Verified: Temperature in Kuwait, Pakistan among world's hottest

Calling it the highest recognised temperature to have been recorded in the last 76 years, the WMO said the two observations are evaluated as third (tied within uncertainty limits) and fourth highest for the continental region of Asia.


Fact Check: 63°C claim from Kuwait — is it really a world record?

For India, the record is 51°C, witnessed in Phalodi, Rajasthan, on May 19, 2016. This is mentioned in various documents of the India Meteorological Department as well as the WMO.

When Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were hottest places on Earth

Summer in Kuwait has largely been unpredictable and the meteorologists have predicted that the maximum temperature could reach 68 degrees in July.

Kuwait releases 22 Indian prisoners; commutes sentences of 97 others

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj thanked the Emir of Kuwait after the death sentences of 15 Indians, lodged in Kuwaiti jails, were commuted to life imprisonment.

Kuwait to expel North Korean ambassador, other diplomats

Pyongyang has thousands of laborers working in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Responding to international pressure, Kuwait will expel Ambassador So Chang Sik and four other staffers.


Ambassador to remain in Kuwait despite row: Iran

Iranian and Kuwaiti media reported on Thursday that Kuwait had ordered the expulsion of the Iranian ambassador and 14 other diplomats, worsening an unusual public dispute between the two countries.

Kuwait tells Iranian embassy to cut staff after spy case

Iranian state television said Kuwait's Foreign Ministry summoned Tehran’s ambassador and ordered the number of diplomats to be cut from 19 to four and the closure of the cultural and military missions.

Kuwait commutes death sentence of 'pro-Iran cell leader'

Hasan Abdulhadi Ali was sentenced to death by the lower and appeals courts last year after he was convicted of being "the mastermind of a cell" of 26 Shiites accused of links to Iran and of plotting attacks in the Sunni-ruled emirate.

Qatar backs Kuwait mediation efforts over rift with Arab states

Speaking amid a tour of European capitals to gauge support among Doha's traditional allies, Sheikh Mohammed said there was "no proof" to accusations that his country financed terrorist groups, supported the Muslim Brotherhood and the Palestinian group Hamas and had close ties with Iran.