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Supremacy of a Social Network

The ability to cooperate,to make individuals subordinate their strong sense of self-interest to the needs of the group,lies at the root of human achievement.

Class Struggles

The future campus will see a new pecking order of disciplines. And the hunger of millions of students accessing the university for the first time. But will it have the space for the eccentric professor?

A colourful odyssey through the brain

A new book presents brain’s visuals from early black and white sketches to colour-infused depictions of neurons

How many stars are there in the universe?

Three times as many as we thought,a report says

‘Need to link various areas of knowledge to gain a holistic view’

The Faculty of Science of MCM DAV College for Women,Chandigarh,hosted a seminar on ‘Blending Boundaries — Science Across Different Disciplines’ on the need to adopt an inter-disciplinary approach.