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Kim inspects new submarine, wants North Korean military bolstered

The North's disclosure of a new submarine came after Kim and President Donald Trump held their third summit at the Korean border late last month and agreed to resume nuclear negotiations.

How North Korea’s Kim Jong Un gets his luxury cars despite sanctions

Kim parades around in Mercedes-Benzes and a Rolls-Royce, despite sanctions intended to keep North Korea from importing luxury goods.


Amid talks with US, glimpses of new futures for North Korea

While few see North Korea as likely to surrender its weapons, the country’s economy and diplomatic posture are already changing. North Korea experts say that while firm predictions are impossible, those changes are already beginning to open a set of once-closed possibilities.

South Korea president calls Trump Kim meet an end to mutual hostility

On Monday, South Korean President Moon Jae-in told a Cabinet meeting that the summit in the DMZ meant the two countries declared ``an end of hostile relations'' and the ``start of an era of peace.''

North Korea nuclear deal would halt new weapons but leave arsenal intact

While the approach could stop that arsenal from growing, it would not, at least in the near future, dismantle any existing weapons, variously estimated at 20 to 60. Nor would it limit the North’s missile capability.

After surprise Trump-Kim meeting, US and North Korea to reopen talks

Trump said he had "plenty of time" and was in "no rush" to reach a deal. "We want to get it right," he said.


Trump-Kim meeting: Press Secy Stephanie Grisham roughed up by North Korean Guards

Grisham likely suffered bruises when a scuffle broke out between North Korea security Guards and members of the media trying to get close to the two leaders.

In a historic first, Trump steps into North Korea; meets Kim Jong Un

“Big moment, big moment, big progress,” Trump said. Kim praised the US president for his “courage” in making the visit.

Timeline: Ups and downs in Trump-Kim negotiations

Kim says he is open to another meeting with Trump but sets the year's end as a deadline for Washington to offer mutually acceptable terms for an agreement to salvage the diplomacy.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to meet at Demilitarised Zone dividing Korea

If Trump and Kim meet, it would be for the third time in just over a year, and four months since their second summit in Hanoi, Vietnam broke down.

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Kim Jong Un meets Vladimir Putin in Russia

Kim Jong Un became the first North Korean leader to travel to Russia since his late father, Kim Jong Il, visited in 2011.

Express Rewind: A look back at major events that shaped 2018

As 2018 approaches to an end, here is a recap of major political events, developments, disasters and crises that unfolded across the world


Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un's historic Singapore handshake

Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un Singapore Summit: US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met in Singapore on Tuesday. This is the first time leaders of the two countries have met.

Photos: The stage is set for the high-stakes Trump-Kim summit in Singapore

Denuclearization of North Korea is the main topic of discussion at Tuesday’s summit between Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump.

The secret rendezvous: When Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping met

North Korea's Kim Jong Un travelled to Beijing to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in a "secret meeting".

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World news wrap: Facebook confirms data sharing with Chinese firms, secluded resort chosen for Trump-Kim summit in Singapore

Facebook confirms data sharing with Chinese firms: Facebook Inc said Tuesday it has data sharing partnerships with at least four Chinese companies including Huawei, the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, which has come under scrutiny from US intelligence agencies on security concerns. Secluded resort chosen for Trump-Kim summit in Singapore: The summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean […]