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Kim Cattrall claims Sex and the City producers bullying her for third film

Kim Cattrall has been firm on her decision to never come back to the fan-favourite franchise Sex and the City, where she played the role of Samantha Jones.

You are not my friend: Kim Cattrall blasts Sarah Jessica Parker

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker had reportedly been at odds since filming Sex and the City together.


Kim Cattrall slams Jamie Dornan

Kim Cattrall says she is not impressed by Jamie Dornan's act.

'Sex and the City' director hints third movie

Michael Patrick King said that there is one chapter left to explore for the third movie if it is ever in the works.

Kim Cattrall ready for fourth marriage

Three disappointing trips down the aisle have not dulled the appeal of marriage for this 'Sex and the City' star.

'SATC' made dating difficult for Cattrall

The reel life man-eater Samantha finds her character made dating difficult for her in real life.


Kim Cattrall's always been on a diet

The Sex and the City star said she has been on a diet most of her adult life,to stay in shape.

SATC 3 cancelled after sequel's failure

The third edition of the series was shelved after SATC 2 failed.

Kim Catrall recieves honorary doctorate

SATC's Samantha will get the doctorate at the University of Liverpool.

Sex And The City 2

'Sex and the City’,which featured a gaggle of Manhattan girls on the lookout of nooky was in the way they got it. Or didn’t.