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Senior Apollo hospital staff involved in kidney racket, claim families of accused PAs

“I don’t know who is behind this but my son has been trapped by hospital staff. Their roles should also be investigated,” she alleged.

In this Gujarat village, at least 13 men don’t have a kidney

Villagers say it was never a secret among the 15,000-odd families — selling off a kidney to pay debts is a “common practice”. Multi-speciality transplant hospitals “send their agents” to seek kidney sellers, they add.


Ganga Ram doctors remove 2.75-kg kidney from man

According to Ganga Ram hospital doctors, ADPKD is predominantly an inherited genetic disease and is found in one among 1,000 individuals.

US man sues doctors after removal of wrong kidney

The man sued his doctors claiming that surgeons mistakenly removed his healthy kidney instead of a cancerous one.

Damaged blood vessels in eye and kidney early signs of risky heart rhythm

Atrial fibrillation raises the risk of stroke and causes heart-related chest pain or heart failure.

People with apple-shaped bodies at risk of kidney disease

High blood pressure in the kidneys can be treated through salt restriction.


Cranberry juice unlikely to prevent bladder and kidney infections

Certain sugars and flavanol compounds in cranberries prevent bacteria sticking to cells.

Dhule urologist Guinness record for stone count

A urologist from Dhule has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for extracting 1,72,155 stones from a single kidney.

DMCH docs remove cancerous kidney

Doctors of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) have successfully in removing a kidney affected with cancer through the laparoscopic technique. The team was led by Dr. Arvind Goyal,assistant professor of urology.

Kidney transplant drugs 'don't raise cancer risk'

Kidney transplants give patients additional years of productive life,but their risk of developing cancer is high -- due to the need to take immunosuppressive drugs to prevent organ rejection.

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Retd. CISF constable offers his kidney to save Hanumanthappa

New Delhi, Feb 10 (ANI): Retired Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) head constable Prem Swaroop on Wednesday has offered to donate his kidney to save the life of Lance Naik Hanamanthappa, who is battling for his life after being trapped under snow for six days at Siachen glacier. Swaroop said he heard in the news that Hanamanthappa's kidney has failed and so he had come to offer his kidney to him. He added that he is ready to donate any part of his body for him.