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A noir indie film, starring Adil Hussain, attempts to penetrate cloudy, mysterious Meghalaya

In Wanphrang K Diengdoh’s Lorni — The Flaneur set in Shillong, Adil Hussain plays a detective tracking down ‘stolen objects’. In the process, he finds a lot more than that.

Shillong: Impossible homeland

For those exiled from Shillong over the decades by a xenophobic politics, a willful amnesia has been the only way to move on.


Khasi-Punjabi clashes: Why there is unrest in Meghalaya capital

Shillong violence: The tension between the two communities stems from a long-standing demand from sections of the Khasi society to evict "illegal settlers" from the area.

Simply put: Her jainsem, woven from lightning

What is the Khasi garment that some Delhi Golf Club employees thought was the attire of a ‘maid’?