Khamoshi News

BEST staffer wins best short film award in South Africa

The award was announced in South Africa, but he got the news as a simple text message. “I got a message on January 19 from my friend who represented my film at the festival,” he adds.

Heartbreak Hospital

Khamoshi,a love story,was low on melodrama.


'Ram-Leela' gets a 'UA' from Censor Board

'Ram-Leela' was passed with a 'UA' certificate.

Magic Realism

Bhansali deconstructs his world of movies,counters criticism and indulges in producer speak.

I am 'obsessed' with Madhuri,says Bhansali

He said he waited for two-and-half years during 'Khamoshi' at her door to ask her to read the script but couldn't get through to her.