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Expand BRICS into BRICKS: Kaushik Basu

BRICS should think seriously of drawing Kenya into itsranks and correcting the annoying spelling mistake that it is,” Basu has tweeted.

Kofi Annan presents Infosys Science prizes to 7 winners

The prize was instituted in 2009 to recognise extraordinary work in the field of sciences and humanities


India tops global chart with whopping $71 bn in remittances

To put this in perspective,this is just short of three times the FDI it received in 2012.

‘Use forex reserves to curb Rupee volatility’

World Bank chief economist Kaushik Basu on Monday called for a two-pronged strategy including the use of foreign exchange reserves

Use foreign exchange reserves to curb re volatility: Economist Kaushik Basu

Rules out possibility sliding down to 1991 level.

As Indian rupee,BSE Sensex crash,Kaushik Basu gives economy a boost,says,'IMF loan not needed'

Use forex reserves to curb Indian rupee volatility,says Kaushik Basu.


Reality check: India accounts for one-third of the world poor,says World Bank

World Bank report says 1.2 billion people are still living in extreme poverty across the world.

Central life insurance schemes likely to merge

The government is planning to merge two centrally-sponsored life insurance schemes — Janashree Bima Yojana (JBY) and Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana

World economy woe to stay: Kaushik Basu

It's a very difficult phase,and the difficult phase will live with us for a while," Basu said.

Kaushik Basu sees India growth at 9%

Kaushik Basu,who was till recently,the Chief Economic Advisor in the Finance Ministry,has expressed the hope that India would achieve 9 per cent growth rate in "not too distant future".