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Saturday, February 22, 2020



Kathak dancer Jatinder Arora Nayyar on taking the dance form to the interiors of Punjab

July 07, 2019 8:13 am

In 2010, Nayyar, now a mother of two and a science teacher, rediscovered her long-lost passion when she met Kathak teacher Deepak Arora.

Choreographed on nature, Kathak ballet returns after 10-year hiatus

June 20, 2019 10:37 am

The ballet Srushti is a one-and-a-half-hour-long audio-visual presentation with at least 20 dancers. It was first presented in 25 shows across the country 10 years ago and is being revived again as part of the Akademi’s 40th anniversary.

Expanding The Boundaries

September 01, 2018 1:23 am

By going deeper and bringing innovations into the tradition, you do not break the boundaries but expand them,” says Bhate, a performer, teacher, choreographer, artistic director, and thinker.

Dance cannot be conservative: Uma Dogra

August 10, 2018 12:18 pm

Kathak exponent Uma Dogra on Jaipur and Lucknow gharanas and how Mumbai made her liberal

Kathak legend Birju Maharaj refuses to choreograph dirty songs

May 20, 2016 6:48 pm

In his songs, the legend likes good clothes and good body language.

Kathak dancers Nalini and Kamalini believes dance is a therapy for mind, body and soul

May 17, 2016 5:49 am

Nalini and Kamalini and group presented Kathak performance on Monday as a part the two-day classical dance festival organised by the Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi.

To dance, is to have a wanderlust, says, Kathak exponent Aditi Mangaldas

April 29, 2015 12:00 am

As a dancer, one needs to have the courage to step out of the banyan-tree shade over and over again.

Fusing traditions

November 28, 2014 1:00 am

A performance in the city will combine Kathak with the Japanese dance style

Lalit Arpan festival to begin on September 17

September 09, 2014 2:48 pm

It will be held at the Stein Auditorium of India Habitat Centre, read a statement.

Dilemmas of Motherhood

April 28, 2014 12:04 am

The fifth edition of the Mudra Dance Festival celebrates artistes who balance their role as a mother with their career as a dancer.