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Kate Beckinsale to star in action-comedy Jolt

Joli revolves around Lindy, a no-nonsense bouncer with anger-management problems that she controls with the help of an electrode-lined vest she uses to shock herself back to normalcy whenever she gets homicidal.

Taking up The Widow was a gamble: Kate Beckinsale

The Widow is Kate Beckinsale's first small screen outing in two decades. She plays Georgia Wells, the eponymous widow whose husband Wil died in a plane crash on a trip to Africa.


Kate Beckinsale's alleged stalker arrested

Terry Lee Repp, 45, a resident of Iowa, was taken in custody at Tampa Bay Comic Con on July 29 on suspicion of following the Underworld actor Kate Beckinsale. As per police reports, Repp has a history of following and harassing the actor. Repp was booked on Saturday morning on a USD 5,000 bond

Kate Beckinsale was asked to workout for Pearl Harbor

Kate Beckinsale says she had to work hard to win the role in Pearl Harbor.

Kate Beckinsale hopes to regain old life

Kate Becknisale says she is looking forward to get her old life back after her daughter goes to university.

Kate Beckinsale 'doing fine' after Len Wiseman split

Kate Beckinsale is ok after her separation from husband Len Wiseman.


Kate Beckinsale splits from Len Wiseman?

Kate Beckinsale has reportedly split from director husband Len Wiseman after 11 years of marriage.

'Underworld 5' begins filming in Prague

The fifth installment of "Underworld" movie franchise has started principal photography in Prague with Kate Beckinsale and Theo James reprising their respective roles.

Michael Sheen dating Sarah Silverman?

The couple were spotted partying together at Sheen's birthday bash in West Hollywood on February 6.

Memory Failure

Jump,in fact,is just the word to describe what Quaid does here.