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No More Opium, Please

It is time to thank God for services provided and jettison the concept.

Karl Marx's London grave memorial damaged in hammer attack

Photographs from the scene showed chips and scratches to the marble gravestone, damaging epitaphs to Marx, his wife and grandson.


German president reminds young Chinese of 'havoc' caused by Marxism

There was no doubt Marx was a great German intellectual, an influential philosopher, economist, historian and sociologist, and a "rather less successful educator and workers' leader", the German President said.

In Good Faith: To believe, or not to believe

No belief system is worth veering to the extremes for. The political history of countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia bears testimony.

Thinkers from around the world to converge in Patna for international conference on Karl Marx

Prominent among those who would be attending the function is economist Lord Meghnad Desai, who would be delivering the keynote address on June 16, Neeraj Kumar, Convenor of the Academic Advisory Committee of the Conference, told reporters.

Marx And Us

He taught us to look at not what the facts say, but what they do


Karl Marx's 200th birth anniversary: D Raja, Nilotpal Basu to attend conference in Moscow

The international scientific conference, to be held on May 11-12 at the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, would commemorate the 200th birth anniversary of the noted economic and political theorist.

Karl Marx: Evaluating the long shadow

We should judge Karl Marx not by his intentions but by the outcomes.

Marx, The Humanist

Karl Marx envisioned a world where humans are not abstracted by societies or commodities

Primitive accumulation of capital is alive and well

Karl Marx’s fundamental contribution is to show that the propensity to produce and sell goods for profit is not the natural self-interested and greedy condition of human beings, but a result of historical transformation which produces a social structure conducive to capitalism.