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Bigg Boss 8: Guards and Thieves in the house

Day 72 in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house introduces a new luxury budget task of the week named ‘Museum’.

Bigg Boss 8: Gautam turns dictator, will the housemates accept?

Gautam has now made a strict dictator of the house, which has been converted into his kingdom.


Bigg Boss 8: Karishma reveals her true colours -chooses make-up over friend Sushant

Karishma and Gautam are summoned to perform a task in the confession room, while the others watch the live feed.

Rohini girl was tortured before she was killed: Probe

Investigators say her last text was to friend at 11.30 pm,two hours before murder.

Rohini murder probe: Tied to window, girl may have watched mother die

Cops says Rosie witnessed her mother’s murder,before she was also strangled to death.

Three of family murdered in Rohini

A 55-year-old businessman,his wife and their youngest daughter were found murdered at their home in Rohini on Friday morning.


Now,helpline to access blood donors’ database

A countrywide blood donors database has been made accessible through a helpline.

Sugar and spice

Eight prime time heroines - an assortment of vamps,Miss Goody Two Shoes and sultry sirens - flash their claws and bitch out in Meethi Choori No. 1.