Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

Kabul Airport


United Arab Emirates set to run Kabul airport in deal with Taliban, sources say

July 08, 2022 8:44 am

An agreement would help the Islamist militants ease their isolation from the outside world as they govern an impoverished country beset by drought, widespread hunger and economic crisis.

Afghanistan's Taliban order women to cover up head to toe

May 08, 2022 2:06 pm

The decree says that women should leave the home only when necessary, and that male relatives would face punishment — starting with a summons and escalating up to court hearings and jail time — for women's dress code violations.

Kabul airport reopens to receive aid, domestic flights restart

September 05, 2021 7:53 am

Flights between Kabul and the western city of Herat, Mazar-i Sharif in northern Afghanistan and Kandahar in the south have started, the airline said in a statement on its Facebook page.

‘It looked like a zombie apocalypse’: US military pilots, crew describe Afghanistan departure

September 02, 2021 10:00 pm

For the US military pilots and aircrew about to make their final takeoffs out of Afghanistan, the sky was lit up with fireworks and sporadic gunfire

Rockets fired at Kabul airport as US troops race to complete evacuation

August 30, 2021 11:54 am

Afghan media reports said the rocket attack was mounted from the back of a vehicle. According to Pajhwok news agency several rockets struck different parts of the Afghan capital.

Kabul attack: among the US troops who died, two women on the frontline

August 29, 2021 9:59 am

Women now make up about 9% of the US Marine Corps. It’s still a small part of the force compared to other military branches.

Play it again, Zan: In Kabul darkness, a beam

August 30, 2021 8:56 am

Fariah Saidi writes: These women had thriving careers in Afghanistan, but in a new country, where they might not even understand the language at first, proving their credentials will be very tough. They will have to start from scratch. All the progress of the past years will come to naught.

IS says it targeted US troops in Kabul, Afghans

August 27, 2021 2:53 am

The IS branch, known as The Islamic State-Khorasan Province after a name for the region from antiquity, said in its claim of responsibility that it targeted American troops and their Afghan allies.

Several US marines killed, injured in blasts near Kabul airport

August 26, 2021 11:57 pm

At least 13 people died and 15 were wounded, according to Russia's Foreign Ministry, which gave the first official casualty count.

Explained: The layout of Kabul airport, and where the blasts occurred

August 29, 2021 10:05 pm

Kabul airport blast: At least two explosions at Kabul's airport on Thursday left around 60 people dead, including 12 US service members. The Taliban condemned the attack, while the US said it believed the Afghan affiliate of the Islamic State — Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) — was responsible.