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NASA's Juno probe captures volcanic plumes on Jupiter's moon Io

NASA's solar-powered Juno spacecraft has beamed back new images of volcanic plume on Jupiter's moon Io, captured during the mission's 17th flyby of the gas giant

Nuclear-powered 'tunnelbot' to search for life on Jupiter's moon Europa

Scientists are designing a nuclear-powered "tunnelbot" that can penetrate through the icy shell of Jupiter's moon Europa and search for signs of life in its sub-surface ocean.


NASA's Juno set to reach halfway mark of Jupiter mission

NASA's solar-powered Juno spacecraft will soon reach the halfway point in data collection of Jupiter when it makes its 16th science pass of the gas giant

Twelve new moons discovered orbiting Jupiter; brings total count to 79

Astronomers have now spotted 12 new moons orbiting around Jupiter, that brings the number of natural satellites up to 79.

NASA's Juno spacecraft spots volcano on Jupiter moon Io

Scientists have discovered a new volcano on Io, a moon of Jupiter. The observations were made from data collected by NASA's Juno spacecraft

NASA's Webb Telescope to unravel Jupiter's Great Red Spot mystery

Using MIRI to observe in the 5 to 7 micrometer range could be particularly revealing for the Great Red Spot, as observations in such wavelengths are not possible from Earth.


NASA extends Juno's Jupiter mission until July 2021

NASA' Juno spacecraft, that is collecting information about Jupiter, will orbit the gas giant till 2021, in order to complete its data collection process.

Jupiter moon Ganymede's environment unique: NASA's Galileo probe

Findings from NASA's Galileo probe that orbited around Jupiter, found that its largest moon, Gaynemede, may have the most unique atmosphere among all known natural satellites.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot grows taller as it shrinks: NASA

NASA scientists claim that Jupiter's Great Red Spot has been growing taller while shrinking, a phenomenon occurring over 150 years.

Jupiter's mystery jet-streams run deeper than thought: Study

A study conducted by NASA's Juno probe has shown tat the storms that appear on Jupiter have deeper roots than previously known, with greater impact than their counterparts on Earth.