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Book review: In The Children Act, the protagonist is thwarted by reality

In Ian Mc Ewan’s new novel, the protagonist is thwarted by reality and the limits of morality.

A Spy and a Gentleman

William Boyd’s James Bond is the most human yet.


Joseph Anton Lived Too Long

Salman Rushdie discovered himself in the years underground but the ordeal may have cost him a bit of his humanity

The Spy Who Romanced in the Cold

Ian McEwan pulls off a love story amid the cultural cold war between the West and the Soviets

Something is Amis

Lionel Asbo is less the state of England and more Martin Amis’s parting gesture

Lashed to the Mast

Michael Ondaatje turns a voyage into an unusual coming-of-age tale



Julian Barnes’ Man Booker-shortlisted novella is an elegant rumination on the unreliability of remembrances.

Newark Blighted

Tragedy is alien to the Hebraic worldview,where not only is god ultimately just,but misfortune results from moral and cognitive failure.