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Interstellar craft’s navigator looks at New Horizons — and even beyond

Dr Bhaskaran leads an independent navigation team at JPL that supported the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) of Johns Hopkins University on the New Horizons Mission.

New 'e-skin' brings sense of touch to prosthetic hands

Researchers have developed an electronic skin that is capable of being integrated into robotics, and being used to create prosthetic limbs.


First stars formed 250 million years after Big Bang: Study

Researchers have found the oldest stars, that formed in the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang.

Urgency in NDA govt to bring down child mortality: Expert

Dr Santosham of Johns Hopkins University has backed the indigenously developed rotavirus vaccine.

Strong link between indoor air pollution, TB in children: Study

Experts says use of safer household fuels & reduction of exposure to tobacco can lower risk of TB among kids.

After genome, the proteome: Bangalore lab maps human protein

Breakthrough could transform understanding of disease — and cure.


Are you smarter than a 5-year-old?

Preschoolers and kindergartners can do some algebra even before entering a math class: study

‘Overweight people who pick diet drinks eat more food’

Beverage industry, which has long promoted diet drinks as an alternative to full-calorie beverages, defended such alternatives to help manage weight.

Tips to help seniors live independently at home

Many low-cost things can be done to help seniors live independently their homes for longer periods.

Babies in the womb react to mother's voice: Study

Babies stop moving and lower their heart rate when their mother starts reading aloud to them.