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Elizabeth Warren narrows gap with Joe Biden in US poll: campaign update

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll of national Democratic primary voters is the first major survey since last week’s debate in Houston, which featured a smaller field of 10 candidates.

Joe Biden on racism: Whites 'can never fully understand'

During his 20 minutes at the pulpit, Biden condemned institutional racism as the direct legacy of slavery and lamented that the nation has ``never lived up to'' the ideals of equality written into its founding documents.


Biden and Warren avoid direct conflict — but for how long?

Despite some pre-debate chest-thumping by Biden’s camp, no great clash occurred in Thursday’s debate in Houston, the first time he and Warren have been onstage together during the primary.

Polling picture comes into focus: Joe Biden leads three-way race at top

The new data, which shows Biden earning the support of about 1 in 3 Democratic voters, stands in contrast to a poll published Monday that showed a virtual three-way tie between Biden, Warren and Sanders at about 20% support each.

Democrats squabble over health care in second night of debate

Biden charged that Harris' plan would cost $3 trillion after she left the office and would force middle-class taxes to go up, not down. He said that would put Democrats at a disadvantage against President Donald Trump. `

Joe Biden aggressively defends Obamacare

The former vice president will spend much of the coming week talking about his approach to health care, including remarks he'll deliver on Monday in Iowa at a presidential forum sponsored by AARP.


US needs to reach out to India, other Asian partners to strengthen ties beyond Europe: Biden

Biden also slammed Trump for his relationship with authoritarian leaders like Kim Jong-un of North Korea, saying “we do not coddle dictators."

Bidens earned $15 million after 2016, challenging ‘middle-class Joe’ image

Biden’s newfound wealth has not changed his message. In his first remarks during last month’s Democratic debate, Biden spoke of “enormous income inequality” and promised to eliminate Trump’s “tax cuts for the wealthy.”

In Iowa, Kamala Harris Calls Joe Biden’s Past Views on Busing ‘Wrong’

Biden, however, is not the only candidate struggling with how to talk about school integration. After Harris found success confronting the former vice president on busing, she has appeared uncertain about how to characterize her own views on the matter.

Joe Biden comes under attack from all sides in Democratic debate

Joe Biden, the Democratic front-runner who was participating in his first major debate in seven years, was at times halting and meandering but also forceful in pushing back on criticism of his record.