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Logistics sector to add 1.49 lakh new jobs: Report

As per the findings of the report, with 31,480 new jobs, Mumbai tops the list of cities with maximum opportunities for talent in logistics sector followed by Delhi with the addition of 28,510 new jobs in the same period.

'Most professionals in India curious about new opportunities'

While preparing for an interview, the report said, 49 per cent of candidates visit company websites, 47 per cent use search engines and 35 per cent use professional networks to learn about the company and its employees and the position being offered.


Only 7% of MBA graduates employable, rest earn 8-10k: Study

According to a study, only 7 per cent of MBA graduates from Indian business schools, excluding those from the top 20 schools, get a job straight after completing their course

Study says 47 pct of Indian graduates in 2013 unemployable for any job

Indian graduates unemployable due to their poor English knowledge and computer skills: Study

Economic slowdown: Indian executives hit by job fears start shunning bank loans

Jobs uncertainty among young spenders is working as a big dampener for bank loans,says survey.

Steve Jobs biopic Jobs releasing next month in India

The Ashton Kutcher starrer <i>Jobs</i> is set to hit Indian theatres on August 16.


India No 1 in world on attrition chart,one in four to switch jobs: Hay Group

Indian employees' concerns on compensation,career objectives may make them switch jobs.

Jobs: Population tests India growth dream

India dream may turn to ashes as it may not gain population dividend - waste of human potential.

Online job demand rises in Sept: Monster

Growth in sectors like IT,retail,healthcare and engineering continues unabated.

World must create 600mn new jobs: WB

India has experienced a very large increase in labour force: World Bank report