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Daniel Radcliffe: I know I'm not the last Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe, who catapulted to fame after playing the title character in the film series based on JK Rowling's books, told in an interview that he is certain that someone else will play this role in the future.

Fantastic Beasts 3 production delayed by several months

There is no release date for Fantastic Beasts 3, but before this update, the Wizarding World movie was expected to release in 2020 since the first film came out in 2016 and the second one came out in 2018.


JK Rowling explains how Voldemort's trusted snake and horcrux Nagini was once a human woman

If you read the book, you would remember that Nagini was Lord Voldemort’s final and most closely protected horcrux in the Potter series that Harry destroyed in the final book after much struggle.

On JK Rowling's birthday, revisiting Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

On the occasion of JK Rowling's birthday, here's looking back at the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

JK Rowling already working on Fantastic Beasts 3

JK Rowling has already started work on the third film of Fantastic Beasts series. The second film in the Fantastic Beasts series, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, will release on November 16 this year.

Hold your breath, Harry Potter fans! JK Rowling finally apologises for killing Dobby, the house elf

This year, JK Rowling tweeted how she too felt sorry for killing arguably the most adorable character in the 'Harry Potter' series - Dobby, the house elf. No sooner did she post it, Tweeple poured heartfelt reactions on the micro-blogging site.


JK Rowling generously replies to a 12-year-old girl's letter from Jammu and Kashmir

A student from Haji Public School, Jammu and Kashmir wrote a heartwarming letter to the renowned author JK Rowling after getting inspired by her life and achievements. And the 'Harry Potter' creator gave her a pleasant surprise.

JK Rowling retweeted this heartbreaking poem of a teen and it might just move you to tears

Feelings might be private but they also resonate. Affiriming this, recently JK Rowling shared a poem written by a 15-year-old student on Twitter. Titled, When I Was a Kid I Waited, the poem was shared by Louis' teacher Kate Clanchy from Oxford, UK.

Daniel Radcliffe addresses Johnny Depp's Fantastic Beasts controversy

The whole Johnny Depp and Fantastic Beasts controversy is about the relationship between Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard who had alleged that Depp had abused her physically and mentally. Daniel Radcliffe opens up.

Amber Heard responds to JK Rowling's statement on casting Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts

Amber Heard, who has said that Depp physically and verbally abused her throughout their short marriage, responded to the statements on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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Happy birthday, JK Rowling: 15 quotes by the author on love, failure and life

JK Rowling always had the perfect words. Her books comforted us and provided us with a timely assurance that no matter how things appear, in the end virtues triumph and goodness wins. But apart from these she also had the most fascinating take on love, failure and on life in general.

20 years of Harry Potter: Get ROFL-ing with these 20 crazy memes

Twenty years ago, on June 26, 1997, JK Rowling introduced us to the magical world of Harry Potter, and let's just say it changed our lives. The seven-part series that Rowling created for us, with intricate details was a world we refused to leave. By the end of it we were all at Hogwarts.


10 times the Harry Potter series had the perfect spell to fight Monday blues

Monday lethargy is a thing, and we are trying to help you get over it in our tiny little way. And who better to inspire and motivate than the prodigal child - Harry Potter and his magical world.